X-eHealth makes available the ‘eID in eHealth: survey of national scenarios’ document

survey of national scenarios’ news article

The Work Package 4, which is responsible for generic aspects of EEHRxF recommendation (Electronic Identification implementation; Legal aspects & enablers; and Cybersecurity), developed the “eID in eHealth: survey of national scenarios” document.

This X-eHealth deliverable presented a detailed overview of the strategies adopted by most of the Member States of the European Union when it comes to the electronic identification of citizens, especially in the eHealth domain, which poses specific challenges.

As next steps, WP4 will study the current initiatives, the outcomes that emerged from previous EU-funded projects, and some initial thoughts out of a common approach to the eID.

The document is available to download here or under the “Deliverables – Documentation” menu on the X-eHealth official website.

X-eHealth’s purpose is to lay the foundations to advance the integration process of the eHealth services features by developing a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases.