X-eHealth from September 2022 onwards with 72 participants

X-eHealth from September 2022 onwards news article

The X-eHealth from September 2022 onwards event was held on the 29th and 30th of November, by videoconference.

The event was characterized by several presentations on the state of the art and the future of the EHRxF (Electronic Health Record Exchange Format) in Europe, and was attended by 72 participants. Furthermore, several breakout sessions were held, in order to gather and discuss insights on selection criteria and a process for identifying new use cases and domains.

The workshop has contributed to focusing on the roadmap for new use cases and domains of the EEHRxF, as well as the governance model for the structural management, maintenance and further development of the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure, in line with the EEHRxF roadmap.

Coordinated by Portugal, represented by SPMS, X-eHealth’s purpose is to lay the foundations to advance the integration process of the eHealth services features by developing a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases.

You can watch the event through the following videos:
Day 1
Day 2