Work Ethics


X-eHealth Privacy Policy

The X-eHealth Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, and delete your information.

The document is available to download here.

In order to disseminate the latest developments related to the EEHRxF recommendation, it is essential for X-eHealth to highlight maximum knowledge and engage groups of key stakeholders so that the implementation of this uniform format is implemented on a European scale.

In this sense, events such as workshops, questionnaires, training sessions, among others are crucial, as well as inviting the right people to specific events.

On this basis, an “Informed consent form” will be developed to be distributed to people who participate in the events and who want to continue to be informed about X-eHealth activities.

From the informed consent form, the following points stand out:

  • This informed consent form is governed by the General Regulation for the Protection of Information (of the European Union) 2016/679. In this sense all your personal information will be handled with extreme care in such a way that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties nor stored in public access servers. Your name and position will be replaced by alphanumeric code to keep your identity protected.
  • By signing this form you agree to participate in the interview, survey or workshop conducted by X-eHealth within the framework of the research topic; you authorize the researcher to use the information that you provide as part of the documentation of the case studies that are part of the doctoral research.
  • At any time, before and during the interview you can withdraw your authorization or not answer any or all of the questions. You can withdraw your consent at any time after the interviews. Likewise, after the interview you can also request a copy of the documented information and even request that it be completely eliminated.
  • The information collected cannot be used for any other action that is not linked to the subject of the present investigation. The only way to use the information provided in other investigations or actions is through a formal request to obtain your authorization to do so and you expressly and in writing provide it.