‘Using CDA to Build a World on FHIR’ workshop with more than 100 participants

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“Using CDA to Build a World on FHIR” workshop was held on the 22nd of April 2021 and conducted by videoconference due to the pandemic situation that the world lives nowadays.

With a participation of Diogo Martins (Shared Services of the Ministry of Health – SPMS), Catherine Chronaki (HL7 International), Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer (Lantana Consulting Group, from USA), the event was attended by 130 participants, from 20 different countries.

The participants could learn about the challenges and possibilities to move forward toward Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) with a migration pathway that leverages the HL7’s Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) investment. This debate was crucial because there is a strong need to use, understand and implement FHIR resources, however CDA has been the backbone of electronic clinical record interoperability for the past decade with millions of documents changing hands each year. So, transformation is key, and Organizations needs to expand the usage of current information systems, adopting a dual implementing strategy.

Coordinated by Portugal, represented by SPMS, X-eHealth’s purpose is to lay the foundations to advance the integration process of the eHealth services features by developing a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases.

The presentation is available to download.

You can see the full video of the session: