Using CDA to Build a World on FHIR | Online workshop

Using CDA do Build a World on FHIR new

HL7’s Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) has been the backbone of electronic clinical record interoperability for the past decade with millions of documents changing hands each year, yet CDA is a static document in a dynamic, increasingly interconnected ecosystem. And the world is now on FHIR, with HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. How does an organization continue to leverage their investment in CDA while taking advantage of the FHIR API and move forward with a whole new level of opportunities to use information to support care delivery?

This topic will be discussed in an online workshop “Using CDA to Build a world on FHIR”, on the 22nd of April with the participation of Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer from Lantana Consulting Group (USA). Furthermore, the talk will present the principles of a roadmap for a blended, heterogenous environment that provides both growth and continuity and greatly expands the utility of current information systems.

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