The X-eHealth glossary is now online

glossary new

Do you know what the acronym EEHRxF means? Or even the Cross-Border Healthcare concept? If not, you don’t need to worry!

The X-eHealth project has published a glossary which helps you explore the terminology of the work topics that we are developing everyday.

This glossary is divided into three parts. It’s possible to find a concept page and acronyms list page, and also a glossary’s catalogue. This last one is a collection of already available glossaries in the eHealth sector we recommend for supplementary reading. 

If you want to check these pages, you can go on the main menu “Glossary” of the X-eHealth website or just click on the following direct links: Acronyms page, Catalogue page and Concept page.

For further suggestions, contact us through the contact form available on the Catalogue page.