Scope of Action


The X-eHealth project, a Horizon2020 Coordination and Support Action, is set up to support the European eHealth Interoperability roadmap for deployment.

The program aims to accelerate the implementation of the European eHealth Record exchange Format (EEHRxF) through standardisation and harmonisation of health data, thus providing patients, healthcare professionals and health institutions with improved quality, safety and efficiency.

In order to do so, X-eHealth is composed of 8 work package (WP).

WP Title and Scope of Action

1. Project Coordination and Sustainability

  • Project management, quality control and risk management
  • Project administrative and financial management
  • Roadmap of new domains and sustainability plan
  • Mapping national challenges for EEHRxF adoption

2. Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholders Engagement

  • Healthcare providers, Health professionals and Citizens motivation
  • National Authorities involvement
  • Industries, researchers and developers’ liaison
  • “X-Hospitals” – Hospital Network for the exploration of the EEHRxF

3. Evaluation

  • Continuous Evaluation and Monitoring

4. Generic Aspects of EEHRxF recommendation

  • Electronic Identification implementation
  • Legal aspects & enablers
  • Cybersecurity

5. Definition of EEHRxF functional specifications

  • EEHRxF and its relationship with clinical guidelines
  • Laboratory Results guideline and functional specifications
  • Medical Imaging and Reports guideline and functional specs
  • Hospital Discharge Reports guideline and functional specs
  • Refine PS guideline and functional specifications to account for rare diseases
  • Final Conclusions and Recommendations

6. Definition of EEHRxF technical specifications

  • Definition of technical specification for the Laboratory Domain
  • Definition of technical specification for the Medical Imaging Domain
  • Definition for the technical specifications Hospital Discharge Reports
  • Refinement of Patient Summary (PS) technical specifications for supporting rare diseases
  • Publication and maintenance of the services specifications and testing tools
  • Publication and maintenance of the X-eHealth Implementation Guide (content)

7. Architecture integration and System specification

  • Global architecture for EEHRxF Domains use
  • Testing strategies
  • Needs for upgrade of CEF eHDSI core and generic service
  • Guidance for the new EEHRxF domains

8. EEHRxF Communities of Practice: from Proof of Concept to large scale adoption and Infrastructure for Innovation

  • Proof of concept: EEHRxF in rare diseases
  • Proof of concept: EEHRxFin chronic diseases management and preventivo
  • Exploratory Proof of concept study: from EEHRxF to decision aids and citizen driven health-science
  • EEHRxF community of practice: building capacity and scaling up
  • Exploitation: EEHRxF as infrastructure for innovation
  • Evaluation of EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators