X-eHealth intends to contribute to the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission. The Digital Single Market in Europe is based on three pillars:

X-eHealth project aims to lay the foundations to advance the integration process of the eHealth services features into the already in place European Cross Border Patient Summary. The key goals are to: 

  • Improve the healthcare quality and safety for citizens by allowing them to access and manage their electronic health record from any place in the EU; 
  • Contribute to standardisation and harmonisation of eHealth services in the EU by setting European agreements on diverse levels of interoperability; 
  • Contribute to defragmentation of European services; 
  • Facilitate interaction between patients and healthcare providers, to support prevention and citizen empowerment.

X-eHealth specific objectives are: 

  • To reach a common understanding in the EU on the efforts needed to adopt the commonly defined EEHRxF specifications at different levels and within their national EHR solutions;
  • To define, specify and demonstrate the EEHRxF use cases laboratory results, medical imaging and reports, hospital discharge reports and patient summary for those suffering from rare disease and/or comorbidities; 
  • To elaborate the roadmap for the above-mentioned use cases for future uptake on the eHDSI as well as for the additional usage within MS on national, regional or local level; 
  • To submit the outcomes and recommendations of X-eHealth regarding EEHRxF deployment to the relevant bodies on policy, strategic and operational level (e.g. eHealth Network, National Competence Centres for eHealth, eHDSI operators); 
  • To propose a governance framework for the sustainable maintenance, evolution and distribution of standardisation and interoperability.