Interoperability Award 2022

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X-eHealth is a project of strategic relevance for tomorrow’s European eHealth Union. Assembling a shared commitment of 47 health actors, the underlying idea of this project is to develop the basis for a workable, interoperable, secure and cross border Electronic Health Record Exchange Format in order to lay the foundation for the advance of eHealth.

As part of its mission and project objectives, X-eHealth is holding its Interoperability Award in 2022. With this event we aim to recognize excellence and innovative endeavor, in other initiatives or projects the field of health data interoperability. By placing a spotlight on outstanding work and celebrating innovative solutions, we hope to further extend existing partnerships, generate new synergies, opportunities, and recognition – thus leading to stronger networks and increasingly collaborative ties in the future of eHealth.

The X-eHealth project received a total of 19 applications from 10 countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland) and, after the evaluation by an international jury, 13 projects/initiatives were chosen up for voting.

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Note: The following information was written, at the time of application, by the projects themselves. X-eHealth is not responsible for the texts present in the tabs below.

1. A National combined Messaging & Data Sharing Infrastructure Framework in Denmark (Denmark)

2. Andaman7 (Belgium)

3. Border Regions Project (The Netherlands)

4. DDMN (Slovenia)

5. Development of OcDeC within ORCHESTRA (Germany)

6. DH-Convener Initiative (Austria)

7. Multi-Terminology Server (SMT) (France)

8. OTENTIK Interoperable Trust Network (France)

9. Portuguese Health Certificates’ Solution (Portugal)

10. Project HUSKY – Health Usability Key (Austria and Switzerland)

11. Smart4Health (Germany)

12. UNICOM (Europe)

13. Unveiling ‘One Health’ at Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal)

The public vote aims to reflect a sincere recognition by the eHealth community and stakeholders. The poll was available throughout the month of September. To protect the official results and for this poll to work perfectly, we used cookies and your IP.

The winner of the public vote and the honorable mentions, awarded by the international jury, will be announced during the 2nd X-eHealth Innovation Day, which will take place both online and in person. The winners will be contacted in advance.

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