Help us build Communities of Practice

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The X-eHealth has published three pages on its website for the construction of Communities of Practice, related to the implementation of the European eHealth Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF).

As a general definition, Communities of Practice intends to build a domain of knowledge that allows the construction of skills and capabilities to promote consistent implementation of the EEHRxF and share high-quality health in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

For that reason, three registries were disseminated:

  • Registry of CoPs with connection to X-eHealth: X-eHealth Collaborative Partners, including projects, organisations and initiatives that are organised in CoPs to advance their strategic goals and that wish to explore the implications of using EEHRxF in there area of work
  • Registry of EU funded projects and national initiatives: Projects and initiatives that are aware of the European EEHRxF and would like to be informed and contribute
  • Registry of digital health products and services: Products, services and tools that commit to implementing and showcasing the European EEHRxF

If you want to check these pages and participate in the innovation program of X-eHealth, you can go on the main menu “EEHRxF Innovation” of the X-eHealth website or just click on the following direct links: Communities of Practice, Products and Services, and Projects and Initiatives.