Regarding the knowledge produced by X-eHealth, the documents are divided into two types of dissemination: confidential and public.

The following list presents the publicly available documents of X-eHealth, which will be made available as soon as they are approved by the European Commission.

Work package numberDeliverable nameTypeDelivery date (in months)File
WP1Roadmap for new domainsDocumentM26Download*
X-eHealth official website
WP2X-eHealth leafletLeafletM03Download
WP2X-eHealth promotional videoVideoM06Download*
WP2X-eHealth Stakeholders leafletLeafletM18Download*
WP4eID in eHealth: survey of national solutionsSurveyM06Download
WP4eID in eHealth: from national solutions to eIDASDocumentM18Download*
WP4Information paper on the current challenges in legal aspects of cross-border exchange of personal dataDocumentM09Download
WP4Recommendation paper on legislative enablers for cross-border personal data interoperabilityDocumentM14Download*
WP5X-eHealth use cases driven methodologyDocumentM26Download*
WP5EEHRxF and its relationship with clinical guidelinesDocumentM26Download*
WP5Laboratory Requests and Reports guideline and functional specificationsDocumentM24Download*
WP5Medical Imaging and Reports guideline and functional specificationsDocumentM24Download*
WP5Hospital Discharge Reports guideline and functional specifications**DocumentM24Download*
WP5Refine PS functional specifications to account for eHN Guidelines and rare diseasesDocumentM26Download*
WP5Final Conclusions and RecommendationsDocumentM26Download*
WP6X-eHealth Services SpecificationsDocumentM26Download*
WP6X-eHealth Testing ToolsDocumentM26Download*
WP6X-eHealth Implementation GuideDocumentM26Download*
WP7X-eHealth Architecture definition to implement and deploy EEHRxF servicesDocumentM19Download*
WP7EEHRxF Testing strategiesDocumentM26Download*
WP7Possible upgrades of eHDSI core and generic servicesDocumentM26Download*
WP7Proposal guidelines to implement EEHRxF in National ServicesDocumentM26Download*
WP8EEHRxF Community of PracticeDocumentM06Download*
WP8Report on EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators for-rare diseasesReportM26Download*
WP8Report on EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators for chronic disease management and preventionReportM23Download*
WP8Exploratory study for decision aids and citizen driven health-scienceDocumentM25Download*
WP8EEHRxF as infrastructure for innovationDocumentM26Download*
WP8Evaluation of EEHRxF proof of ConceptDocumentM26Download*