Regarding the knowledge produced by X-eHealth, the documents are divided into two types of dissemination: confidential and public.

The following list presents the publicly available documents of X-eHealth, which will be made available as soon as they are approved by the European Commission.

Work package numberDeliverable nameTypeDelivery date (in months)File
X-eHealth official website
WP2X-eHealth leafletLeafletM03Download
WP2X-eHealth promotional videoVideoM06 
WP2X-eHealth Stakeholders leafletLeafletM18 
WP4eID in eHealth: survey of national solutionsSurveyM06Download
WP4eID in eHealth: from national solutions to eIDASDocumentM18 
WP4Information paper on the current challenges in legal aspects of cross-border exchange of personal dataDocumentM09Download
WP4Recommendation paper on legislative enablers for cross-border personal data interoperabilityDocumentM14 
WP5X-eHealth use cases driven methodologyDocumentM23 
WP5EEHRxF and its relationship with clinical guidelinesDocumentM23 
WP5Laboratory Requests and Reports guideline and functional specificationsDocumentM23 
WP5Medical Imaging and Reports guideline and functional specificationsDocumentM23 
WP5Hospital Discharge Reports guideline and functional specificationsDocumentM23 
WP5Refine PS functional specifications to account for eHN Guidelines and rare diseasesDocumentM23 
WP5Final Conclusions and RecommendationsDocumentM24 
WP6X-eHealth Services SpecificationsDocumentM24 
WP6X-eHealth Testing ToolsDocumentM24 
WP6X-eHealth Implementation GuideDocumentM24 
WP7EEHRxF architecture specificationsDocumentM15 
WP7EEHRxF Testability strategiesDocumentM22 
WP7Possible upgrades of eHDSI core and generic servicesDocumentM24 
WP7Proposal guidelines to implement EEHRxF in National ServicesDocumentM24 
WP8EEHRxF Community of PracticeDocumentM06 
WP8Report on EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators for-rare diseasesReportM19 
WP8Report on EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators for chronic disease management and preventionReportM20 
WP8Exploratory study for decision aids and citizen driven health-scienceDocumentM21 
WP8EEHRxF as infrastructure for innovationDocumentM23 
WP8Evaluation of EEHRxF proof of ConceptDocumentM22