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Communities of Practice with connection to X-eHealth

Communities of Practice building on a domain of knowledge, and people that are putting this knowledge into effect by learning from each other, are vital in order to build capacity and promote the implementation of the European eHealth Record exchange Format (EEHRxF) for the sharing of health data in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

X-eHealth aims at effectively connecting Communities of Practice to each other, to share experience and provide feedback from implementation to formal standards and specification development.

The following organisations, infrastructures, networks and collaborative partners use communities of practice to advance their strategic goals have already expressed their interest in connecting to X-eHealth.

Engaged collaborative partners:
• MedTech Europe
• ECHAlliance

Communities of Practice:
• RD-Code CoP
• European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases Pillar 2 – FAIR data stewardship programme CoP
• IPS CoP created under Trillium II
• NABON: National Breast cancer Organisation in the Netherlands
• CoP to develop the Austrian health data exchange system: ELGA workgroup
• Coordination Centre of Rare Diseases in Latvia
• Emergency Care Program in the Netherlands
• Greek eHealth Interoperability Framework CoP
• Greek Ministry of Health Task Force on ICT technologies in Primary Care CoP
• Hellenic Digital Health Cluster
• InteropEHRate

If your {organization/network/CoP} would like to engage in the X-eHealth Project aiming at developing the basis for a workable, interoperable, secure and cross border Electronic Health Record exchange Format and actively explore infrastructures for innovation please contact us using the form below.

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