We recommend to consult the following glossaries for supplementary reading:

eHDSI glossary established and maintained by the European Commission.

The Joint Initiative for Global Standards Harmonization Health Informatics Document Registry and Glossary developed by the Collaborative Research for Effective Diagnostics (CRED) and Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCO).
The ISO online browsing platform provides access to the most up to date content in ISO standards, graphical symbols, codes or terms and definitions.
Contsys provides a comprehensive list of concepts related to the continuity of care and is a visualization of International Standard EN ISO 13940:2016. It is managed by Oughtibridge Ltd.
The EU funded DigitalHealthEurope project has developed a glossary.
The UNICOM project team has developed a meta-glossary based on the OpenMedicine project tool.

The following criteria were defined by the project team for including a glossary in the X-eHealth glossaries catalogue:

  • The glossary provides concepts/abbreviations commonly encountered in eHealth
  • The glossary is publicly available in an online accessible format
  • Concepts and the glossary itself are available in English language
  • It is preferably clear how the glossary was developed
  • EU scope

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