ATCAnatomical Therapeutic Chemical Code
CBeHISCross Border eHealth Information Services
CDAClinical Document Architecture
CEFConnecting Europe Facility
CENComité Européen de Normalization (European Committee for Standardization, a federation of 34 national standards bodies that are also ISO member bodies)
CEN IPSCEN International Patient Summary
CEN/TC 251CEN Technical Committee 251 Health Informatics
CTClinical Terminologies
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communication in Medecine
DSIDigital Service Infrastructure
eDispensationElectronic Dispensation
EEHRxFEuropean Electronic Health Record Exchange Format
eEIFeHealth European Interoperability Framework
EHDSEuropean Health Data Space
eHDSI / eHealth DSIeHealth Digital Service Infrastructure
eHealthElectronic Health
eHNeHealth Network
EHRElectronic Health Record
EHRxFElectronic Health Record Exchange Format
eIDElectronic Identification
EIFEuropean Interoperability Framework
ENEuropean Standard
eP /ePrescriptionElectronic Prescription
epSOSSmart Open Services for European Patients
e-SENSElectronic Simple European Networked Services
EUEuropean Union
EXPANDExpanding Health Data Interoperability Services
FAQsFrequently Asked Questions
FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
GPGeneral Practitioner
H2020Horizon 2020 Programme
HL7Health Level 7
HL7 CDAHL7 Clinical Document Architecture
HL7 FHIRHL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
HL7 IPSHL7 International Patient Summary
ICTInformation and communications technology
IHEIntegrating the Healthcare Enterprise
IHE PCCIHE Patient Care Coordination
IHTSDOInternational Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation
IPIInternational Projects and Interoperability
IPSInternational Patient Summary
ISMSInformation Security Management System
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ITInformation Technology
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
JICJoint Initiative Council
JIC PSSSJIC Patient Summary Standards Set
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
KPI’sKey Performance Indicators
LOINCLogical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
LSPLarge Scale Pilot
mHealthMobile Health
MTCMaster Translation/Transcodification Catalogue
NCPNational Contact Point
NCPeHNational Contact Point for eHealth
NHSNational Health Service
OSIOperations, Security and Infrastructure
PHIRIPopulation Health Information Research Infrastruture Project
PSPatient Summary
ReEIFRefined eHealth EIF
SNOMED CTSystematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
TEHDASJoint Action Towards the European Health Data Space
TEN-TTrans-European Transport Network
TEN-T EATrans-European Transport Network Executive Agency
UMLUnified Modeling Language
WPWork Package
XMLEXtensible Markup Language