12 new public deliverables for consultation

X-eHealth Deliverables News Article

X-eHealth published 12 new public deliverables that are available on our website, representing the work developed by each workpackage so far. This work aims to accelerate the implementation of the European eHealth Record exchange Format (EEHRxF) through standardization and harmonization of health data, thus providing patients, healthcare professionals and health institutions with improved quality, safety and efficiency.

Get to know these new documents for consultation in the official webpage and below:

WP2 | D2.1 | X-eHealth official website

WP2 | D2.4 | X-eHealth Promotional Video

WP2 | D2.6 | X-eHealth Stakeholders Leaflet

WP4 | D.4.1.2 | eID in eHealth: from national solutions to eIDAS

WP4 | D4.2.2 | Recommendation paper on legislative enablers for cross-border personal data interoperability

WP5 | D5.3 | Laboratory Requests and Reports guideline and functional specifications

WP5 | D5.4 | Medical Imaging and Imaging Reports guideline and functional specifications

WP5 | D5.5 | Hospital Discharge Reports guideline and functional specifications

WP7 | D7.1 | X-eHealth Architecture definition to implement and deploy services

WP8 | D8.1 | EEHRxF Community of Practice

WP8 | D8.3 | Report on EEHRxF proof of concept demonstrators for chronic disease management and prevention

WP8 | D8.4 | Exploratory study for decision aids and citizen driven health-science

Note: These deliverables have not yet been approved by the European Commission. As such, they may or may not be replaced by an updated version in the future, pending feedback from reviewers.

On this basis and building upon the already in place Patient Summary, X-eHealth purpose is to develop the foundations for a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases to flow both alongside citizens care pathway and across health entities between EU Member States and Neighbour Countries.