#1 Professional Training Session with 89 participants

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On March 22nd, X-eHealth hosted a Professional Training Session “Sharing laboratory data cross-borders: Understanding future direction and technical solutions for laboratory data exchange”, by videoconference (9h00-13h00 CET).

This session represented the project´s first communication initiative towards Health Professionals. On this basis, the event instructed health professionals on digital health services as well as on its current state across Europe.

On a more technical level, the session covered topics such as the governance of laboratory data sharing, best practices concerning eHealth laboratory cross-border services, how to conduct a successful implementation of these services and provided a broad understanding of how these systems work.

By addressing these topics X-eHealth professional training session capacitated health professionals, through the improvement of essential eSkills, to understand the foundations of laboratory data interoperability in next-generation healthcare systems, will allow data-driven decisions in a more effective manner.

Coordinated by Portugal, represented by SPMS, X-eHealth’s purpose is to lay the foundations to advance the integration process of the eHealth services features by developing a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases.

You can access all session materials in the following links:
Meeting Video